Be a Bud!

Who are the Montavilla Tree Buds?

In Portland, street trees (planted in the right of way between the street and adjacent tax lot) are managed in partnership between PP&R Urban Forestry and property owners. The Montavilla Tree Buds intend to improve this public-private partnership.

Winter 2015 a small group of Montavillans formed the Montavilla Tree Buds in an effort to improve our public spaces, lobby for direct funding for street beautification and tree removal, and help neighbors better care for trees.

Be a Bud!

Beyond offering an outdoors opportunity to engage with neighbors in a fun way, new buds gain technical skills volunteering with us that are great for a resume. You can also fulfill credits for an employee benefits program, internship, or school credit, as we happily verify service hours!

19385263533_bf9d98be9e_o1) Tree Bud Team Leader  COMPLETED!

No experience is necessary. Leaders can be 12-100 years old. They will attend a half-day training to learn inventory protocol and how to identify trees. We hope to recruit a few bilingual or non-English-speaking Team Leaders to insure participation of all our neighbors. If you are a non-English speaking neighbor, interested in team leadership training, we can hire a personal translator for the training session with 10 days advance notice. Once trained, team leaders will lead our new buds along data collection routes during 1-4 Tree Inventory Workdays this summer.

2) Arborist-on-Call  COMPLETED!

Arborists-on-Call check-in with our volunteer tree inventory teams on workdays to problem solve and answer questions about tree identification, condition assessment, and other questions that may arise. Arborists will need a cell phone and bike or car.

3) Tree Bud / New Bud (Data Collector)  COMPLETED!

No experience is necessary. Data collectors will be paired with a trained Tree ID crew leaders to collect data on street tree size, health, and associated location data on tree inventory work days.

4) Database Mapping Volunteer COMPLETED!

Join City Urban Forestry staff to enter Tree Bud inventory data into an ArcGIS database. No experience is necessary. City staff will teach you the basics of ArcGIS editing. A 30 hour minimum commitment is requested and hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00 am-3:30 pm.

5) Neighborhood Plan Advisor

Are you interested in helping neighbors navigate tree code, plant more street trees, draw up a long term plan for neighborhood street tree management, or start a new tree project in a public strip? Contact us with your ideas and enthusiasm.



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