2015 Street Tree Inventory Report Published!

After a 3 seasons of neighbors and community members gathering together to learn more about the state of our streets, with hopes of addressing  dreams of beautification, safety, and investment in our public spaces – The Montavilla Street Tree Inventory report is out!

It is freely available here:


A visual map of all the trees is available here:


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.00.14 PMThere are a number of interesting facts revealed in our research collection. Tree canopy covers 17% of Montavilla streets, well below Portland’s city-wide canopy level of 29%. Currently 90% of all street trees in Montavilla are in great health, but 1/3rd are at risk due to specific pests in our area.

The replacement cost of Montavilla’s street tree population is valued at $16,282,534 million, and our trees provide $494,156 annually in environmental services (air quality improvement, water retention in floods, energy reduction due to shade, etc) and aesthetic benefits.

If you have not been in touch with Portland’s Friends of Trees and are interested in planting a tree in front of your property, contact them. They have great deals on trees and planting knowledge, so your tree is sized appropriately for your space and our urban forest grows in species diversity.

Also we are meeting to develop a plan tot address future street tree needs for Montavilla this Saturday. You can register to join us for this event here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dnjUxyV9Tt0pYEQTsJThGY1KhRYo-7l5rtRpUju16kA/viewform


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