Be a Bud: Last Major Volunteer Event!

Last chance to “Be a Bud” this summer is Saturday August 8th, 2015.

Meet 8:30 AM at the Southgate Masonic Lodge, 202 Southeast 84th Avenue

Our very own Country Cat is co-sponsoring the event – YUM!

Montavilla is one of the largest neighborhoods in Portland. Our progress mapping all the street trees has been unbelievable! With 3 workdays and roughly 30 volunteers, we inventoried the majority of our street trees. Only 1 volunteer workday to complete this massive project!

The diversity of plant life we have noticed in the hood is astonishing. Friends of Trees definitely helped our neighborhood in this realm, so most of our young trees will mature into the perfect size and spacing for street locations, which reduces maintenance, safety issues, sidewalk repairs, neighbor conflict, etc. Yeh, Montavilla!

Don’t forget to put our last neighbor event on your calendar and join your neighbors!

Be a Bud this Saturday August 8th 2015!


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