Awesome day in the hood!

About twenty new and old Buds worked Saturday morning, collecting tree health, species, and location data in the North portion of Montavilla. Gorgeous day, continental breakfast provided, and loads of fun meeting neighbors.

We talked to a number of home owners, many of which had planted with Friends of the Trees in recent years, increasing our neighborhood’s tree diversity significantly. If you are reading this and wanting a tree for your curb, they raise funds to subsidize purchase or completely cover the cost of street trees.


We also noticed particular tree species that tended to not do well. Serviceberry, Sorbus (mountain ash), and birch were often struggling and dead in these narrow areas.

Snowbell, redbud, sweet gum, smoketree (Continus), and maple hybrids looked fabulous in our neighborhood. Stewartia was gorgeous in partial shade (featured flowering tree photo above).

Many young trees already needed a deep watering this season. If you deeply water young trees periodically, the roots will develop deeper, reducing and eliminating sidewalk uplift and repairs.

A few neighbors reported that they received neighbor complaints about tree pruning. Currently the city calls for 7.5 feet of clearance over sidewalks and 11 feet of clearance over streets. The city offer free street tree inspections and pruning education to assist property owners. Call 503-823-TREE (8733) to schedule a FREE meeting to assess your street trees and learn about proper tree care.

Our next volunteer street tree event is 4:30pm Wednesday July 8th. Join us!


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