Why Street Trees?

1) Street trees calm traffic.

Treed vs un-treed

These streets have the same dimensions. Driving speeds were clocked 7-8mph less on the treed street.

2) Tree-lined commercial streets are more profitable. Businesses on treescaped streets show 12% higher income streams, which is often the essential competitive edge needed for main street store success, versus competition from plaza discount store prices.

3) Streets with trees reduce sewer bills. Trees draw up water and reduce the need for costly drainage infrastructure in environments that are heavily paved. Trees absorb the first 30% of most precipitation through their leaf system, allowing evaporation back into the atmosphere. This moisture never hits the ground. Another percentage (up to 30%) of precipitation is absorbed back into the ground and taken in and held onto by the root structure, then absorbed and then transpired back to the air. Some of this water also naturally percolates into the ground water and aquifer. Storm water runoff and flooding potential to urban properties is therefore reduced.

4) Street trees reduce pedestrian harm from tailpipe emissions. Automobile and truck exhaust is a major public health concern and contains significant pollutants, including carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter (PM). Tailpipe emissions are adding to asthma, ozone and other health impacts. Impacts are reduced significantly from proximity to trees.Trees in street proximity absorb 9 times more pollutants than more distant trees, converting harmful gasses back into oxygen and other useful and natural gasses.

5) Healthy well-planted street trees beautify neighborhoods. Street trees filter, screen, and soften environments. They screen utility poles, light poles, on-street and off-street parking and other features creating visual pollution.

Shaded parking

This is a wide street with extensive parking. Trees aesthetically convert this parking lot to a calm forest.

6) Trees create inner peace. There is compelling research that motorist road rage is less in treescaped streets. Trees reduce blood pressure and contribute to this calming effect. ADHD affects up to 7% of children in our community. Those afflicted have chronic difficulty paying attention and focusing on tasks and can be impulsive, outburst-prone, and sometimes aggressive. There is considerable research showing that trees and green spaces have significant healing effect on ADHD adults, teens, and kids. Go green!

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